How To Add Users To Google My Business Account?


How To Add Users To Google My Business Account


Learning How to add users to your Google My Business account can offer you a wide range of benefits and will help to improve your SEO. Regularly updating and maintaining your Google My Business listing will ensure anyone who views your business will receive accurate and up-to-date information.

If you’ve been wondering about How to add a user to Google My Business, keep reading as we show you how quick and easy this task is to complete.


Google My Business User Roles



Manage Users In Google My Business Account


When learning how to add a user to Google My Business, you’ll see you have to select from three user options for each person you add to your account.

These all offer different functionalities and levels of control.




These have the greatest control over the account. There should be one primary owner, and then from there, you can add other owners. Owners are able to accept Google updates, edit their business information, publish posts, download Google My Business insights, and respond to your reviews.

They can also add or remove other users, although primary owners must transfer their role to someone else instead of just removing themselves.




When you add managers to Google My Business Account, you’ll find they can complete nearly all of the same actions as owners. The only difference is they can’t remove users or listings.


Site Managers


Site managers have the least control over the account. They can respond to reviews, create posts, download insights, and edit some parts of your business details.


How To Add Users To Google My Business Account 


If you want to add a user to Google My Business, you’ll just need to follow a few simple steps:


  • Sign in to Google My Business Account
  • Choose the location that you are looking to add users to (if you have more than one location on your account).
  • In the Menu, select Users.


Click On Users Button In Google My Business Dashboard


  • In the top right corner, click on Invite New Users.


Add users To Google My Business Account


  • From there, you can enter the name or the email address of the user you want to add. If you need to invite an agency, you’ll need to input their location group ID, which you may need to ask them for in advance of completing this process.



add new user section in google my business


  • Select the user’s role next by choosing from Owner, Manager, or Site Manager.


role selection for user in google my business account


  • Confirm that you’ve entered the correct email address, and then hit Invite. The new user will need to accept the invitation, and then they’ll have access to your Google My Business account.


invitation for new user in google my business account


How to Add Users To Google My Business On A Mobile


If you are using Google My Business on a mobile or tablet, the instructions vary just slightly.

Follow these steps below to add users via the Google My Business app:

  • Sign in to the Google My Business app.
  • Select the location that you want to add users to.
  • Select Menu, and then Manage Users.


Select "More" Option In Google My Business App


  • In the top right corner, click on Add User +.


Select "Manage Users" Option In Google My Business App


  1. Enter the name, email address, or agency location group ID.


Manage Users Section In Google My Business App


  • Select the user’s role from Owner, Manager, or Site Manager.
  • Confirm the email is correct and hit Send. They will then receive an invite to accept.


How to Remove Owners and Managers In Google My Business


If you need to reverse the process for any reason and remove someone from your account, this is even simpler to complete.

Once someone is removed from Google My Business, they won’t be able to edit your business information or perform any administrative actions. However, their previous posts and reviews will still remain in place.

Process For Removing Owners And Managers From Google My Business Account:

  • Open your Google My Business account.
  • Select the location you are looking to edit if you manage more than one location.


select "More" button on google my business app


  • Select Users on the left.


select "Manage Users" button


  • By the person, you are looking to remove, select More, and then Remove.
  • They’ll be notified by email that they’ve been removed.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, learning How to add users to Google My Business couldn’t be simpler. This quick and easy process can help your business details to remain up to date and for you to respond more promptly to reviews and changes to your company.

Ensure you assign users the correct job role so that they can complete the tasks expected of them with Google My Business this year. From there, you’ll find it quick and easy to ask your colleagues to update your information, which will improve your company’s visibility online.


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