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As we know search engines are becoming more and more localized, this means a user can see relevant local search results based on their location, this significantly limits user’s ability to see results for any other location than their own. To get around this restriction and emulate a search from any city there few tools available but these tools have some limitations. To overcome this we developed a free Local Search Result Checker tool. Whether you’re internet marketer who always needs to see clients’ search results as returned within different localities or a normal consumer who wants to see results localized to your next travel destination, Localized search results significantly limit the ability to see the SERP world beyond your own city or country.

How It Works?


How CBP-Local Search Result Checker Is more powerful than others

1. Google AdPreview

It may be intended to be used by Google AdWords participants, but Google’s AdPreview tool is actually available whether you’re logged in or out, regardless of whether or not you have a Google AdWords account. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to emulate a search from a locality other than your own but also emulate from different devices, languages, and countries.

But using this tool you can only select the locations which are present in this database as per latest csv file (2017/01/23). This file contains 94833 locations. So what If we want to see search results for a location which is not present in this database? And this is one of the limitation. Following are the tow screenshots.

1) Limited numbers of languages as compared to Google actually supports. Like for it supports Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam languages but in Ad preview tool we are unable to select any of the above languages.

2) Ad preview allows you to select only limited number of locations which are present in this data base as per Latest.csv (2017-01-23)  file it contains 94833 locations. So what If we want to see search results for a location which is not present in this database? And this is one of the limitations.

Following is another screenshots.


Another simple method is to use the website. It works a lot like Google’s AdPreview tool but allows a few additional search parameters like Safe Search settings like language selection, device selection etc. This tool doesn’t support city specific result for many countries like for India, United Arab Emirates etc for these countries it won’t allow us to select any city.You can check below screenshot And this is one of the limitation.

The site’s footer does say it is not actively maintained so the supported languages for search results are limited same like cities.

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