Unlock Your Business Ranking Position Using Map Citations or Proximity Optimization
If you want your local business to be on top of MAP results, this service is for you. We will help you bring customers to your business by getting your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information listed on directories and completely covering your city using our expert local SEO map citation services.

What Is Map Citations or Proximity Optimization?

A Citation is an online network reference to your company’s NAPW – Name, Address, Telephone number, and Website. Just like links to your site, Google utilizes your NAPW to assess your company’s online authority.

Google determines where to arrange your local businesses in the search results, and you can only be in the top positions if you establish a significant presence online. However, do you know that using map citations can get you ranked in the top positions above your competitors? Using our citation services, you will enjoy.

  • Backlinks to Your URL & Listing
  • Over 300 pinpoints and consistent NAPW and keywords on the map
  • Setting you apart from the competition
  • Earn valuable referral traffic
  • Increased visibility and so on.

Once you constantly create Google Map citations across different sites, you will create a unique and outstanding portfolio that will keep you at the top of search results. Trust us to optimize your site for search, create the perfect citations, and, most importantly, track website rankings.

Our Process

We work one on one with each client, designing a personalized plan to suit your business niche. We will cover a 5km to 10km radius area of your business, which will help increase the business’s proximity area while also removing duplicates and fixing existing citations that are set up incorrectly.

Map Citations / Proximity Optimization
3 Days
Frequently Asked Question
How fast will I see results?

Depending on the business niche, our clients see results between 3 days to a month.

I need more than 10 Citations. Can you help me?

Yes, we can provide as many citations as you require for your business.

Is the service offered for all countries?

Yes, this service is available to all countries.

Is this applicable to SAB?

Yes, we will use the zip code or street name in this case and build up the map citations around it.