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What is CBP Process?

It is a workflow management software designed to simplify the way teams handle their recurring tasks and processes. It enables users to manage company procedure documents effortlessly, from operation manuals, best practices, policies and procedures, and reference guides.

The software makes it easy for users to manage workflows and recurring processes. Random, unscheduled processes such as onboarding new employees, promoting new content, and setting up new clients are less complicated to perform. Scheduled or recurring processes such as daily and weekly tasks, performance reviews, and monthly newsletters are also more streamlined.
  • Accelerated Report Generation
  • Gather Rich, Highly-Actionable Insights
  • Track Multiple Checklists
What is cbp process

Here are some of the useful feafures

  • Create Template

    Create checklist template with text, images, videos and input forms.

  • Create Workflow

    Create workflow using template assign it to your team members

  • Track Progress

    Track process of workflow like number of completed tasks and so on.

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  • Share workflow

    Assign sub tasks from a workflow to multiple team members.

  • Collect Inputs

    Collect inputs from team members using custom forma and as a comment.

  • Set Due Date

    Set due date for a workflow and subtasks to increase productivity.

  • Sell Templates

    You can sell your templates in free or paid manner and earn money easily.

  • Template Gallery

    Use templates from marketplace and save your time.

  • Generate Leads

    Collect user details who downloaded the templates and use them as leads.

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