Google My Business Posts With IFTTT Creation

What Are Google My Business Posts?

Google My Business (GMB) Posts are a feature of Google My Business that allows businesses to share updates, offers, and other information with their customers through their Google My Business listing. GMB Posts appear in the Knowledge Panel of a business's Google Maps listing and on their Google My Business profile.

They are a way for businesses to communicate with their customers in a timely and effective manner, and can be used to promote sales, events, and other special offers.

Are Google My Business Posts Help You To Rank On Google?

Google My Business Posts can help businesses rank higher in Google search results because they provide fresh, relevant content for Google to index. Google values websites and businesses that provide useful and regularly updated content, and GMB Posts can help demonstrate this to Google.

Additionally, GMB Posts provide More information and content about a business that can help Google understand the business's relevance and expertise in its industry.

Overall, using Google My Business Posts can be a valuable part of a business's SEO strategy and can help improve their ranking on Google.

Our Google My Business Posts Service Process

1. We audit your GMB Listing

A GMB listing audit involves examining and reviewing the information, data, and performance of a business's GMB listing on Google. This includes verifying the accuracy of the business's information, checking for any inconsistencies or errors, and analyzing the performance of the listing in terms of online visibility and customer engagement.

2. Finds Relevant Keywords For Your GMB Posts

Our team specializes in understanding your unique business and finding the relevant keywords for you to use in your GMB posts. We know that each business is different and requires a custom approach, so we take our time to research and suggest keywords tailored just for you. We promise that our efforts will make your posts stand out from the rest, giving you maximum visibility on Google My Business.

3. Creates High-Quality GMB Posts

Our SEO experts have experience creating engaging and SEO friendly GMB posts that will draw in customers. They understand the intricate details of what makes a good post, such as using keywords naturally and crafting an eye-catching headline.

This isn't just about making posts for the sake of having them; our experts ensure every post will work to boost your online presence. So why not take advantage of this expertise and make your business stand out?

4. We share your GMB Posts on social sites Through IFTTT

We Understand The Importance Of Getting Your Business Out There, And That's Why We Have Set Up An IFTTT Account To Make It Easier Than Ever. We Will Take Care Of All The Complicated Technical Steps Involved In Linking Your GMB Posts With Other Web 2.0 Sites, So You Don't Have To.

We Are Passionate About Making Sure Your Content Gets Shared On 10 Quality Web 2.0 Sites, Giving You The Opportunity To Build A Strong Online Presence Across Multiple Platforms. We Want To Help You Make The Most Of This Amazing Automated Service, And We Believe It Will Be A Great Boost For Your Business!


gold Plan

Per 30 Posts

30 Well Optimized GMB Posts

30 Optimized Images


GMB Posts Syndication On 10 Web 2.0 Sites

We Schedule Your Posts

30 Days / 1 GMB Post A Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Content Will Be Used In GMB Posts?

In Our GMB Posts, We Use Descriptive And Relevant Content To Detail The Services You Offer.


This Includes Information About The Service, The Benefits, And Any Special Offers Or Promotions. By Providing This Information, We Can Help Potential Customers Understand What You Offer And How It Can Benefit Them.


In Addition To The Service-related Content, We Also Include High-quality Images To Showcase Your Services In Action.


These Images Help To Bring The Content To Life And Give Consumers A Better Understanding Of What To Expect When They Choose To Use Your Services.

Do You Schedule These Posts On GMB Listing?

Yes, we schedule these posts on the GMB listing to save you time and hassle.


By scheduling your posts in advance, you can ensure that your business stays active and relevant on GMB without having to constantly check in and manually post updates.


This is especially useful if you have a busy schedule or multiple locations to manage.

Does This Service Guarantee I Will Get Results?

Google Uses GMB Posts As One Of The Factors To Decide The Ranking Of A Business In Search Results.


This Is Because GMB Posts Show That The Business Is Actively Engaged In Keeping Their Online Presence Up To Date And Relevant To Customers.

When A Business Consistently Creates And Publishes GMB Posts, It Shows Google That The Business Is Credible And Worthy Of A Higher Ranking In Search Results.