6 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Local Business?


Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Local Business


What Are Google Reviews?


Google Reviews allows businesses to gather reviews for their business. You must have a Google Account to participate in Google Reviews.

Local SEO has been a best practice to get more customers and attention. Especially local small businesses might think of location as the most crucial factor for ranking first. But now, the time has changed when a lot of companies try their luck to get attention and the first spot and for that new rule came in light that you should have standing, reputation, prominence!’

Yes, location can specify how your business will take a flight, and how much potential it can have to power up revenue generation. But now as companies and service providers provide services online thus locations’ importance is decreasing day after day. Still, there is a factor that you may look for, that is Reviews.

The third-party response has always been an essential factor for Google Ranking, primarily in SEO. You might have heard of the idiom “mouth to mouth is mostly trustable.”

When your friends suggest a specific shop, then you always listen to them to visit at least one time for sure. And that same goes for reviews.

We have also seen many businesses that have been crushed under the weight of bad reviews. And who has achieved success with many positive responses? That is why online reviews of the third party, especially in Google Local listing, are essential for any local business and company.

For example, if you are looking to buy brand new shoes from amazon like online B2C companies then you believe it, or, not, even after checking hundreds of products in the same catalogue and after comparing features.

If you see some bad reviews at the very start of one of the best products, then you will hesitate to even add it to your cart. and That is why reviews act like suggestions from friends even if they are from an unknown entity but losing them or having a negative response may influence your business more than ever.

This is so important to recognize and, espouse, as part of your marketing strategy. If you operate a local business. If your Google Local Listing is not well optimized and is not being maintained constantly, then you are not taking profit from one of the most effective and free marketing tools free to local businesses.


TOP 6 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Important


1. Trust And First Results


People never trust when you go forth and tell them that you are the person they are looking for their job but, when someone else refers to you, then some glimpse of the trust can be seen in clients’ eyes.

Similar to that Clients never entrust any important task without knowing who you are, what you can do, how much you have accomplished, and for that purpose, those reviews are essential. 

Reviews tell stories about your services products and how well you have treated people with business. Online reviews are one of the most influential factors for building trust and making a first good impression. Thus make sure to have great reviews and a better impact on customers.


2. Your Reputation Is On The Line


Your reviews are a magnification of your online prominence. If you don’t present good customer co-operation, you can trust people will let you (and everyone else) know in the form of bad reviews. Maybe you would say, “True, but my bad reviews are not all perfect”.

The difficulty is that there is no easy way for possibilities, who are thinking of doing business with you, to know the difference between a genuine review and a false one. Don’t get fixed up on incorrect reviews.


3. Great Reviews Can Help You To Gain Higher Organic Rankings


Google includes online reviews when regarding the position of its local organic rankings as per its algorithm. You can just think about this like Google has a responsibility to provide the accurate and best information to their customer then, why will they include you in the top positions if you have bad reviews or no reviews. 

Including your Business in the upper ranking requires a lot of effort and reviews are one of the most important factors among the top 10. Thus the positive studies indicate that your business is more appropriate in your category. 

Google Reviews appeals to search engines to give a higher ranking compared with other local companies. A lot of surveys and case studies suggest that Good reviews leave a heavy impact on customers as well as on Google, indicating strongly, that you are a trustworthy site or business.

Yes, indeed some Good reviews will do the job. However, if you are competing with an opponent with a massive no of thoughts then you will have to go through a hard time competing with them as numbers also matter.

Do you know: 57% of Shoppers only need more than 10 reviews to compete for a higher spot on average. 


4. Customer Feedback Is Important To Improve Presence


If you want to know what customers will think of your services and products the simple thing is looking into the mirror. All reviews give you some benefit, whether it is lousy feedback or great praise.

Bad reviews present you an opportunity to improve your services by pointing out what you lack and, once you fulfil that empty spot, you can just ask them to review your business for good reviews. Encouraging people to give feedback, leaves something to learn so yeah that is also a benefit of having any thoughts.


5. Now More Consumers Are Reading Reviews Than Before


By now, I’m sure you know that an increasing quantity of consumers are reading feedback before they decide to buy something from a local business. These numbers are rising dramatically every year.

Also, more numerous people are handling mobile devices over desktops to search out companies, businesses, and services primarily in local areas, and the primary thing they are continuing to read will be your business reviews. because it is like friendly advice or rather an opinion from a neutral party.


6. 78% Of Customers Believe Online Reviews Are As Much As Individual Referrals


What do you think exactly about how much people trust these reviews?

Yes, now apparently it is clear that most people trust online reviews and feedback but just how much they trust them, the answer is simple.

The latest statistics say that up to 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a suggestion from a friend and that number is still bouncing upwards only, by a great no of 91% people from the 18-34 age group!* That is a significant improvement from just several years.

Thus the conclusion is whether you have a bad or a good review, you are gaining something from it. And that is very important to rank in Local SEO.


Final Thoughts


Google Reviews is a great way to improve your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Local business reviews are essential to the survival of your company. Even the negative ones can be used to highlight your brand’s human side.

Google Reviews Reviews allows you to share your customer’s opinions. It will let customers know you value them, and it can help increase conversions.


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