What is Google Screened Badge & How to Get it?

What is Google Screened Badge & How to Get it

Google is the search engine with the most users, and when it comes to Google Ads Campaign, there was nothing better than to rank first on SERP. However, now Google is also changing and becoming more precise with the users’ intent. Recently Google introduced a new concept of Google Ads in the European continent, known as Local Search Ads (Google Local Service Ads). And for that, one must be google screened.

What is different about this vision, it is simple! It is similar to Google’s Ads and, both of them are pay-per-based, but Local Search Ads are placed above traditional Google ads and organic search engine results.

But for that, Businesses must pass some additional conditions, Such as clearing the Google Screening Process that covers many things like background checks, license checks, and insurance checks. Which also include specific reviews depending on the type of business and their location.

The Google Screen Badge Represents the highest level of trust the customer has in the business, With Google Screen Badge it means you’ve been vetted trustworthy by the third party.

About Local Search Ads and how they appear

About google screened ads and how they appear

As we already discussed, Local Search Ads appear on the top of the results and are enabled only in a few European countries. In SERP, the user gets three ads delivered on the desktop and two on the mobile device. 

But as they are more precise with users’ intent. You may see only a few Ads for some queries. As per our research, or as many as a hundred for some at most. It depends on the competition and competitors. Want to know about the complete process, then check out this link

For which countries one can get Google screened

For which Countries One Can Get Google Screened

Yes, you can get the benefit from this, but not worldwide! Initially, Google started it in a few cities in the US, and eventually, it extended to the national level in US and Canada. In the September of last but one year, 2020, Google Screened evolved to select business categories in several nations, including Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Which Business classes can partake to get Google Screened?

Which Business classes can partake to get Google Screened_

In the United States, the subsequent business classes are eligible to join up for Google Screened.

Business Types Allowed for LSAs (USA)

Appliance repair


Carpet cleaning

Countertop services



Financial planning



Garage door

House cleaning


Junk removal



Lawn care



Pest control


Real estate



Tax services

Tree services

Water damage services

Window cleaning

Window services

business types that can tak google screened badge

Companies in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom are now fit to partake in Google Screened Ads in the following types:

Business Types Qualified for LSAs (Europe)

Appliance repair services

Carpet cleaning services

Cleaning services


Garage door services


Junk removal services

Lawn care services



Pest control services



Tree services

Water damage services

Window cleaning services

Window repair services

What may be the distinction between Google Guaranteed and Google Screened?

What may be the distinction between Google Guaranteed and Google Screened_

In addition to superior standing in the search outcomes, Local Services Ads have brands that help them to stand out Google Guaranteed and Google Screened.

The Google Guarantee signifies a business has handed the screening and credentials process and that Google will subsidize the company’s work. If a consumer that reserved assistance via a Google Screened is not pleased with the quality of the work, Google might refund the client up to the amount they spent for the advantage (with a lifetime cap per client of $2,000 in the United States). 

The Google Screened label implies the company has also legislated the essential screening and ability approach but is not advocated by the guarantee label.

However, as you know, each category has its pros and cons. Whether a business is Google Guaranteed or Google Screened arrives down to the business class. 

You will not visit Google Guaranteed, and Google Screened Local Services Ads in the identical development because they involve diverse business categories: ‘home services’ (Google Guaranteed) and ‘professional services’ (Google Screened). For instance, ‘home services’ businesses include plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, while ‘professional services’ involves lawyers, real estate agents, and economic planners.

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