How To Remove People Also Search For Box In Google SERPs?


How To Remove People Also Search For Box


People Also Search For” is a feature in Google search that shows related searches to the term you’ve entered. It appears as a box at the bottom of the search results page, with a list of related searches.

Related searches can be helpful when you’re exploring a topic and want to know more about it. For example, if you search for “pizza,” you might see related searches for “pizza near me,” “pizza delivery,” or “pizza recipe.”

Each related search has its own box, which includes the search term and other related searches. You can click on any of the related searches to run a new search.

People Also Search For is powered by Google’s algorithm, which uses factors like your search history and location to provide relevant results.

The feature is constantly updating, so you might see different results each time you perform a search. If you don’t see People Also Search For at the bottom of your search results page, it could be because your location isn’t supported or because you have filters turned on that affect the results.

You can turn off filters by clicking on the filter icon ( ) at the top of the page and deselecting any filters that are turned on.

People Also Search For can be a helpful way to learn more about a topic that interests you. By understanding what people are searching for, you can get insights into what people are thinking about and what they might be looking for next.


How To Remove People Also Search For Box?


I’m sure you’ve noticed the “People Also Search For” box that appears when you do a Google search. It can be annoying, especially if you’re looking for something specific and the results in that box are completely unrelated.

Fortunately, there’s a chrome extension that can help. “Remove People Also Search For” is a free extension that does exactly what it says – it removes the “People Also Search For” box from your search results. Install it today and say goodbye to those pesky-related searches!


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