Niche & GEO
List your business to highly targeted industry-specific and country/state/city-specific directories. For instance, if you run a restaurant, your profile on Eater or Grubhub can be considered a niche citation. 

When it comes to the fundamentals of local SEO success, you will always find citations at the core. Remember, each citation is documentation of your business name, address, and phone number, and that is the most important thing when potential clients are trying to reach you. At the end of the day, Google is trying to bring quality results to the millions of questions it gets every day. If your NAP information is not consistent, it’s confusing to both Google and consumers alike.

What is Top Citation?

These citations are typical NAP mentions of your business, which are created on general platforms and directories. Regular citations are used by almost every business that wants to establish and improve its brand presence. With this in mind, they are also referred to as general business citations.

What is Niche Citation?

Posting on directories that are relevant to your niche is a huge signal for Google. Not only do you get associated with the location you are promoting from, but Google’s crawlers will take note of the associated niche. All of this information is ready by Google’s algorithm and counted as a ranking signal.

What is GEO Citation?

Geo citations mean listing the business on directories that belong (or accept business listings from you) to a Country / State/ City. As we know, one of the key factors of the local search algorithm is proximity. This means GEO relevancy of the business with user’s search query, and because of this, GEO citation plays a vital role in local ranking.

Our Process

Find the top business directories related to your business category. Check its Domain Authority and Spam Score. List businesses on selected sites.

Package of Niche & GEO

Niche & GEO
7 Days

Frequently asked question

Will you only choose a country-specific domain?

No, we have access to multiple countries. However, if you need just 1 country, we can work with that.

Can you take niche and geo-citation jobs from an agency or just an individual brand?

Though we get a large number of monthly orders, this does not stop us from handling extra orders and delivering on time.

What do you need to start working?

I need all important information relating to your business, such as your Business Name, Phone Number, Address, Business Logo, Email Credentials, etc.