What Is The First Page Of A Website Called?

What is The First Page of a Website Called


The first page of a website is called the Homepage. Whenever a new user comes to our website, first of all, he comes to our homepage. The homepage is the most important page of our website from where the user can access the content on the website.


What is a Homepage?


Homepage is the initial or main web page of a website. It serves as a table of contents for the rest of the site. A Homepage typically contains links to the most important pages on the site, such as the About page, the Contact page, and the Services page.

The Homepage also usually includes a brief description of what the site is about, as well as a search bar that allows visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for. In short, a Homepage is designed to give visitors a quick overview of a website’s content and purpose.




Q. What Is The First Page Of A Website Called?

  1. Desktop
  2. Homepage
  3. Open Page
  4. Web Page

Answer: Homepage

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