What is meant by Google Stacking and its Importance



When it comes to ranking on the First page of SERP, the cost of investment and required time also increase, but with Google Stacking, you can get white-hat links for free. Just a little effort and do. Google stack (also recognized as google authority stacking) is the SEO tactic applied for building links. 

The Google stacking tactic is essential and plays a significant role in two fields that everyone wishes to rank. It is used to promote websites for ranking aspects and as an extra ranking resource in search results. This strategy allows creating links from Google behaviors, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sites.

The procedure of Google Stacking is a modernized variant of an already enduring SEO approach, “Web 2.0s“. However, the principal difference among them is that rather than aiming toward one particular content program and employing spammy links, now websites are linked to as various Google properties as possible.

It is ideal for those who want to build links to their website and are exposed to risk. As per one of the case studies, even though google stacking is a practical approach, 99% of companies do not apply it. 


There are three primary values of using Google stacks




1. Link building – Google provides you with a backlink to your website without a penny, leading to increased DA of your site.

2. Content promotion – Google stacks permit you to apply the influence of Google to rank a document for higher traffic.

3. Reputation management – You can utilize Google Driver characteristics to conceal contradictory content about a person or business for a specific period.

How Are Google Stacks Created Step by Step?




To do Google Stacking the process demands a total of four steps – 


Step 1:

The first step includes building superior-level google web properties, such as Google pdf, Google doc, Google drawing, Google public folder, Google spreadsheet, embedded YouTube video, and Google presentation. 

Step 2:

It would help if you practiced previously existing social profiles that you pile up inside google drive resources by forming a link network. 

Step 3:

In the third stage, Google Drive and Google Sites are bound together into one google drive stack at the website sites.google.com. Stacking will help to improve the relevancy and overall assurance of the property. 

Since Google uses its platform, google properties pass a high trust rate. 

Using a highly trustable network of Google sites and properties by concentrating it to a single location or central area can help the flow from those trustable sites and result in Domain Authority.

It enhances reputation management:

By increasing your ranking on search engines, you make your promotional ads concentrate on image building. Stacking will assist you in countering negative knowledge about the assistance or products that you sell. 

There are also some other advantages of Google stacks that deserve mentioning:  

stacking is a comprehensive strategy for examining new markets and testing engagement. Google stacking is a white hat service because all the links originate from the origins that Google controls. It indicates that you do not risk a sentence using those links. 

The only downfall of Google stacking is time-consuming because most of the work is done manually, and you have to make all the content, video, and images yourself, which takes time. Yet, at the same time, it all causes Google to accumulate a natural process. 

In general, this strategy is pretty simple, so you can do Google stacking yourself. However, to build stacks favorably, it is necessary to be familiar with your business. Your website may require only a small stack to get to the first page of search results, or you may require a more significant stack of links. 




Let’s create a link on Google Drive for your site using google docs or Google Sheet to make things simple. For example, let’s suppose you have a place named https://gmbchatter.com.

For creating a link from a google site such as google drive, you need to produce a Google Doc. Thus, Let’s Create a Google Doc with SEO Writing Services.

We have to write the content related to our site and insert a link to get our first backlink through Google stacking.




And now we have to share it with the public so Google bots will crawl it instantly.





Everyone desires to get their company and website listed high enough to continue competing on the Internet. The good thing is that various SEO tactics can help you with that. One of them is Google Stacks, recognized as a significant ranking source for your website, and Google stacking can help link building, content improvement, and privilege management.

It also swells a high trust rate, increases the website domain authority, and supports the ads to rise fast the ranking ladder. Even though it may be time-consuming, it is still reasonable to do Google stacking yourself. 


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