What Are Google My Business Posts And How Do I Use Them?


What Are Google My Business Posts And How Do I Use Them


Google My Business Posts is a feature from Google that allows businesses to add short posts, similar to a social media update, directly to their business listing on Google Search and Google Maps. 

These posts can include text, images, and even video and can be used to promote special offers, share news or events, or just show off some personality.

Best of all, Google Posts are completely free to create and can be published in just a few clicks.

According To Google’s Officials

“Google post feature allows businesses to share timely and relevant updates right on their business listing. This can help businesses to stand out to potential customers and connect with them in a more direct way.

Businesses can include custom calls-to-action on their listings, which allows customers to easily connect with them.”


Read: Google’s Guidelines on Google My Business Posts


How Do I Use Google My Business Posts?


Creating a post on your Google My Business account is a great way to share timely information with your customers. You can create a post in a few simple steps:


1. Go to your Google My Business Dashboard


Google My Business Dashboard


2. Click on the “Posts” Tab 


Clicking On Posts Tab On Google My Business Dashboard


3. Click On “Create Your First Post”


Clicking On Posts Tab On Google My Business Dashboard


4. Select Which Type of Post do you Want to Create


Creating A Google My Business Post

5. Publish Your Google My Business Post


Publishing A Google My Business Post


Here are some examples of Google My Business Posts


Before we dive into how to create google my business posts for your business, let’s take a look at some examples of effective posts from other businesses.


1. Post From Nyc Photographers 


Google My Business Post From Nyc Photographers


This post from Nyc Photographers is a great example of using Google My Business Posts to promote an event. As you can see, they’ve included all of the relevant information.

  • Nyc Photographers have included all of the relevant information in their post, including the cost of the package, location, number of edited photos, and more.
  • They have also included a CTA button at the end of the post to encourage customers to take action.
  • This is an impressive way to promote your business while keeping the message brief and to the point.


2. Post from Houlihan’s Cranberry


Google My Business Post from Houlihan's Cranberry


  • The eatery has shared an offer code along with the website link to direct the online audience to the offer page.
  • The prominent and clear call-to-action button that says ‘order online’ is an effective way to get people to take action.
  • Overall, this is a well-executed post that is sure to generate some buzz for the restaurant.


How To Get Insights Of Google My Business Posts?


Reviewing your google my business post insights is a great way to not only see how customers are engaging with your content but also to get ideas for future business posts.

To access your business post insights:


1. Go to the “Posts” tab on your Google My Business Dashboard


Clicking On Posts Tab In Google My Business Dashboard


2. Scroll Down To See Google My Business Insights


Showing Insight Of Google My Business Posts


Google updates the metrics they regularly share, so checking back often can give you the most up-to-date information. With this data at your fingertips, you can adjust your content strategy for google posts accordingly and ensure that your posts are reaching and resonating with potential customers.


Post these things On Google My Business


Posting on Google My Business Account gives you new ways to engage with your customers:


1. Share Daily Specials Or Current Promotions:


Create business posts to share special deals. It helps to engage customers with the business and encourages them to take advantage of current offers. 

By sharing promotions and specials on Google’s business profile, businesses can reach a wide audience and create awareness of their brand.

Google business posts give businesses an opportunity to interact with customers and receive feedback. This feedback can be used to improve customer service or tailor future promotions.


2. Create Posts To Share Upcoming Event Posts:


Posting on Google is a great way to let your customers know about upcoming events at your business. You can promote sales or other special events. 

You can also use posts to provide information about changes to your hours or location. In addition, Posting on Google gives you an opportunity to engage with your customers in a more personal way. 

You can respond to reviews and comments, answer customer questions, and even offer discounts and coupons.


3. Showcase Your Top Products And Highlight New Arrivals:


As a business owner, you always want to make sure your best products are front and center. Gmb posts are a great way to do just that. 

You can use Google Posts to showcase your top products, highlight new arrivals, or promote special offers. 

And because Google Posts appears in search results, it’s a great way to make sure potential customers see your best stuff first.


4. Connect With Your Customer Directly:


Google My Business posts are a great way to connect with your customers directly from your Google listing. With just one click, they can learn more about what you have to offer and even make a reservation or purchase a product from your website. 

This is a great way to keep your customers informed and engaged, and it can help you boost your business.


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Customer engagement is essential for any business looking to succeed. Google business posts offer a great way to connect with customers, promote your brand, and drive sales. By taking advantage of this tool, you can ensure that your business is reaching its full potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and see how Google business posts can help you engage your customers and grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does Google Analytics Help To Measure The Success Of Event Posts/Business Posts?

Yes, Google Analytics can help businesses measure the success of their event posts and business posts. Google Analytics can track how many people see your post, how long they stay on your post, and whether or not they take action. This data can be used to improve your future event posts and business posts.


Q. Are Google My Business posts important?

Google My Business posts are important for several reasons. First, they allow you to share timely and relevant information with your customers. 

Google My Business posts can help you to improve your SEO. This is because each post provides an opportunity to include keywords and other relevant information that can help Google index your site more effectively. 


Q. How long do Google My Business posts last?

Google My Business posts last for either 7 or 30 days, depending on the type of post. “Event” and “offer” posts expire after 7 days, while all other post types last for 30 days. You can also choose to have your post expire sooner than 7 or 30 days by selecting an expiration date when you create your post. 


Q. What is the best time to post on Google My Business?

Google says that the best time to post on Google My Business is when you have something new and relevant to share with your customers. This could be a special promotion, a new product, or an event that you are hosting. 



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