1. Analyze the 50 websites to identify their content structure and will prepare a list of improvements we need to make to the content.
  2. Find a list of LSI keywords, Entities, and Semantics relations between these and will prepare a content gap analysis report.
  3. I will analyze the backlinks of these 50 sites and will create a count  which we need to achieve the ranking in the first 5
  4. I will analyze the technical factors of the current website, including page speed, broken links, images, schema,


Fixing the issue –


    1. Writing the necessary content
    2. Optimize Title and Description Tags
    3. Fixing the on-page and technical issues
    4. Optimize for CTR
    5. On-Page UX Signals
    6. Advanced On-Page SEO like schema, interlinking,
  1. Internal linking
  2. canonicals (if needed)
  3. Identify and fix the page errors from Search Console
  4. Optimizing Blog Categories, Page URL structure, and service manu optimization 
  5. Create and optimize author profile in WordPress




  1. A number of backlinks need to be created
  2. List of bad links which need to be removed
  3. List of additional keywords for which blog posts need to be created
  4. Suggestion for GBP listings

Information we required

  1. Access to GSC – Viewer
  2. Access to Google Analytics – Viewer
  3. Access to CMS, for example, WordPress, to do necessary edits to the page 
  4. Focused keyword and city, state, and country name for which we want to rank the page
  5. List of top 3-5 competitors.
  6. For the safe side, take a WordPress backup before granting access to us.


  1. Are you going to optimize the complete website?

Ans – No, We will only optimize one page, like a product page or a service page, or a homepage

  1. Do you offer a guarantee of ranking improvement after this?

Ans – No, we don’t, but this is the foundation for a better ranking. But we are very sure you will start finding the improvements within one week after the changes are implemented.

  1. What if I don’t want to give access to WordPress?

Ans – Unfortunately, in that case, we can’t help you. To implement our suggestions, we need access, and it is not possible for us to just share the suggestions.

  1. What if my ranking goes down?

Ans – We are going to provide the list of the activities which we did on this page so it’s very easy for you to revert. Also, you are going to have a WordPress backup, which you can restore on your end. We won’t be able to help in the restoration of backup or revetting the changes in free mode.