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Every one of us knows the “Importance of local citation building & Consistent NAP” for local search ranking. Most of us are using paid tools or doing it manually. CitationBuilderPro developed a FREE Local Citation Audit Tool using which you can run a citation audit and download the complete WHITE-LABEL Report in PDF or Excel format or even can share the link (URL) of the live report with other.

This tool will find & analyze citations which are indexed by search engines and will show “Business Name & Phone” Present on the respective listing so it will be easier for you to find “inconsistent citations”. This tool will also show the list of top citation sources on which business need t be listed.


How to perform Local Citation Audit using the FREE tool?

You can audit citation of your business or your competitor’s business in simple five steps.

  1. Simply visit this link  https://citationbuilderpro.com/app/local-citation-finder/
  2. Enter Business Name, Enter Phone, Select Location/City Of Business.
  3. Enter email & click on the start button.
  4. View Results.
  5. Identify Inconsistent Citations.
  6. How to Fix Inconsistent Citations?

Scanning the active Citation analyzing it can take 3-5 minutes you can wait until the scan get finish OR simply enter you email ID you will receive the report in few minutes (We do not send any promotional emails).

Step 2



Step 3

citation audit report


  • You will receive an email as follows


Following are the details of recent citation scan

Business Name: J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving
Phone : (520) 444-7323
Location: Tucson, AZ, United States
Report Link: https://citationbuilderpro.com/app/extpdfreport/385418



Step 3

If you click on the report link you can view active citations for your business, you can click on View Listing button to view the listing. On some places report shows that Not Available this means that citation scanner unable to find the business name or phone number. So in this way, you can use this Free Local Citation Finder Tool to audit active citations for your business or your competitor’s citations.

Step 4

InConsistent Citation Audit Report

Step 4

How to identify & fix Inconsistent Listings?

In above result, you can see that some sites showing business “Not Available” this means that business name/phone you entered is not matching with business name present on respective sites and possibly “Inconsistent Citation Listing”.

We will verify each of the URL








The following image contains the actual screen shot of Inconsistent listings, To cross verify these result simply click on respective site name & it will open the respective listing page all these listings contains different business name so these are “Inconsistent Business Listings”.

You can easily identify inconsistent listings with this FREE Local Citation Audit Tool

Inconsistent Citation Fix

Step 6

How to fix inconsistent citations?

To fix & order new citations simply click on “Fix Now” button and you will be redirected to the payment page. We charge the same rate for citation fix & building new citation.

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