The importance of Local Citations for your business


If you have a local business you may think that it’s the same if you have or not have an online presence, and that is reasonable, why would you have an online presence if your clients are from a local area and you might even now each and every one of them?

Clients are changing, and you should too

Well, the thing is, that the internet is changing in unthinkable ways the forms companies and clients interacts, it just isn’t enough if you have a good billboard somewhere in town and an ad playing in the local radio station, consumers don’t respond to that kind of advertising anymore, they are more suspicious now, when they want to buy something or when they are looking for a place to eat or rest, they Google it, they search for reviews, opinions and experiences from other users that can help them to choose the better alternative.

It will not matter if you have a giant and good looking billboard on the town entrance, your potential clients must have searched Google miles before they saw your advertising, and they must have make an election then.

So, it’s clear that you need to have a robust online presence if you don’t want your business to be invisible for new customers; clients need to find you on Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing if you want to attract them, but how can you make your business to appear in those engines?

SEO and Local Citations are the key

Search Engine Optimizations or “S.E.O”  is the first thing you need to attend, making your online presence SEO friendly will help you get to those search engines and start having some presence.

But that might just not be enough, users will not use your services if they only find your content on Google, they want more than that, they want to find reviews, critics and experiences from other users that will help them make their decision.

The keywords are “local citations”, what are those? they are basically what you find if you search “hotels near San Francisco´s airport”, that is, reviews from other users that include address/location, hours of operation, ratings, discovering coupons, etc

Local SEO Citations create awareness about your services in the internet. They provide people more ways to find you on the internet.
When you’re building your citations, you need to have a very important thing in mind: NAPs, this is an acronym of the name, address and phone number of your business. They are extremely important if you want people to find your company,

The good thing about Local Citations is that is a process that starts recreating itself after you start it, when you get your first clients they will start making new citations of their own and this will boost your business, but of course, you need to offer a high quality service, or otherwise you will start getting bad reviews and that will totally affect your online reputation.

Once you start having your first citations, they will help you to get to online directories and services like Manta, SuperPages, MechantArticle, YellowPages etc this will let you get more and more clients and reputation, your business will grow as you have never imagined it could be possible.

So, in conclusion, Local Citations Building Or Local Citation Submission are vital for your business, you might have a great product or an astonishing idea, but if you don’t have a solid online presence boosted by local citations, your business will never grow and your competition will get every new client that come into town.

So, what are you waiting for? Start improving local citations and getting new clients right now!

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