How To Create A Local Video With SEO For Brand Awareness

Local Video SEO

How To Create A Local Video With SEO For Brand Awareness

Local SEO is more accessible to rank than worldwide SEO ranking with similar and smaller benefits in some points. But SEO always exists on Google, and when it comes to local video, there is little competition but Difficulty in comparison. Every content has some intent behind the scenes, making the video more challenging to rank than blogs, articles, and websites.

steps for creating local video seo


How to Create a video

Yes, we all are pretty much aware that videos are a great medium to reach out to the audience and essentially convert conversions into customers. You can never achieve even the expected revenue generation goal with just quality video, and you must do SEO to approach the audience with the proper medium. But before creating a video or choosing the idea, you must ask yourself a few questions or understand the audience.

Identify an Intent

Whether it is men or women or a child, viewers always seek out the solution for their problem or their needs like entertainment or education. Recognizing the purpose of the viewer is a crucial step to accomplishing your goals.

Deliver a solution

Having a clear mind always helps to solve problems with favorable decisions. And providing the solution is no different. Understanding the problem was just a baby step to the results. Introducing the problem and the answer is an easy task, but don’t go overboard while talking about the answer, try to keep it clear and short.

Appeal with the call for Action

The ending of your video is also significant, and It will not be foolish to say the end is more important than the beginning. Of course, the top picture should be in between Start and stop. But according to some surveys, a good face prevents the viewer from moving forward, good material keeps engaging them till the end, and no one can deny this. However, ending with the call for Action leads to revenue generation, which is what it takes to create a great video.

But is it only about how to create a high-quality video? Is it enough to create something great and post it somewhere? Then the answer will be no. It isn’t reasonable to post a local video somewhere to reach your goals. You have to do proper SEO to rank a video on Google and Youtube and add additional blog benefits.

With the youtube marketing Local video funnel, you must consider your needs and follow the strategy accordingly.

Why are local videos essential for Marketing? And, How does SEO for the local video rank on Google and Youtube?

why are local videos essential for marketing


Benefits of Creating High-Quality Local Video

  1. Generates Revenues and Improves website ranking

As discussed, local videos are a great medium to generate revenue. Still, if we can get through backbreaking work and quality video, the answer will be no! 

Videos are very beneficial for website SEO, as for why one would like to read complete news, blogs, articles when you can understand everything with a simple video. That is what Google thinks, and if we want to generate high-quality traffic and improve ranking, then Videos are essential for blogs and articles.

  1. Helps to increase Brand Awareness and Youtube revenue

Not only for the website but, it also helps to increase Brand Awareness among people. Nowadays, In the marketing industry, creating a solid Brand awareness is as hard as hitting cold iron to take the shape of a needle. 

With unimaginable competition, thus no one can ignore even the slightest possibility to penetrate the market, which leads to another benefit of generation of revenue through Youtube. 

Although it is not worth thinking about, you can generate as much as to create another video for your brand awareness. Make sure to look for the conclusion at the end of the article to understand the complete picture.

SEO for Local Video

seo for local video


When it comes to SEO related to Youtube, or Google, sometimes things are identical. Keywords give direction to Youtube and Google related to video, the subject of the video, and rank a video in result pages when one searches for those queries. But that is just one step to optimize our video. Before going into the deep with SEO for the local video, you must understand the benefits of the video for Brand Awareness and Website SEO.


Keywords help communicate with Google and tell about the video, its subject, and its description. When one searches for any queries, then Google Algorithm shows results primarily based on keywords; thus, it is essential to correctly identify and target those keywords. Then another question comes to our mind: how to find Keywords for your site?

There are several tools to help with Keyword research and Traffic research, although many agencies don’t offer Youtube Keyword tracking tools. Ubersuggest is one of them that provides similar services, content ideas, and Similar Keywords. However, most of their benefits are paid. So you can try less informative yet great tools for free like Keywords Everywhere and Google Trends. As per most SEO specialties, Google Trends is the favorite tool used to get the idea of the popularity or trend of specific keywords or interest in certain trends. You can also search the trends for Youtube search by applying detailed filters.

Ahrefs and Semrush both offer a lot more data than others, including search volume, related phrases, search trends, clicks, and many more. So best of luck with your keyword research for your Youtube and Google research.

Title / Description

Title and description are maybe the most important critical factors of any SEO. Titles should be appealing and contain keywords, a piece of common knowledge around the creators. Still, Titles should also consist of location and numbers around keywords to make it rank on Google and Youtube. 

Both use robots to crawl the internet in search of content that best fulfills their users’ queries. But be creative with the Title making it readable and user-friendly as we create content for users, not search engines.

Sometimes SE relies upon the text data such as description, then writing unique and user-friendly reports always brings sweet profit in the pocket. Building a solid description is not as complicated as creating a video, and you need to make sure that it is about 100-150 words in length and consistently tags and keywords are used.

Description can also benefit in other ways, such as helping to increase the watch time (Important metrics for Youtube Algorithm ) and also offers the possibility of a High CPC rate.

Youtube Tags

Similar to Keywords in the Youtube Search Results tags, it also indicates what kind of video it is—as per one of the surveys, adding many tags means that the video is well packed and contains a lot of information regarding those tags. But this sweet sugar-coated may rise like the devil in disguise. Because this type of local videos ranks in the lower position for a specific title thus it is always better to add one main tag, other 3-4 relevant tags, and 2-3 long tail tags for better performance of Local Video.

Adding Local Video in Google listing

It is always welcome to have more, as both platforms reward more engaging platforms when it comes to the engaging audience. 

Local video is more like a rational approach to the audience than just SEO. Thus, if your local video engages more audience, there are more chances of gaining more sales and views tied with your Google listing. As a result, you will probably rank higher than before in SERP.


Yes, Local video is a great medium to interact with them, and it is the essential factor for Brand Awareness, in short for Marketing effectively. But poor quality content is of no use, and no SEO specialist can save you if your content has no importance in viewers’ life. To create a better audience, approach the audience better and boost your local Video ranking with excellent SEO practices.

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