How Do I Get My Business on Google Maps?


 How Do I Get My Business on Google Maps?


A friend told you about a pizza parlor that serves amazing food, you open the Google Maps app on your smartphone, type in the name of the pizza parlor, and it shows no results. You can imagine how frustrating it can get, right? Think about it, what if a potential customer searches for your business on Google Maps and does not find it, what will they do? Yes, they will give up the idea and choose any other store or shop.

If not on Google Maps, your business does not exist for the customers. By not being on Google Maps, you are losing on a major chunk of potential customers. If you want to stay in the game and capture all possible leads to your business, you must get your business in Google Maps.

Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business

The first step is to navigate to the Google My Business website and sign in to your Google My Business account.

Step 2: Select “Get on Google”

The next step is to select the option that says, “get on Google,” and it will take you to Google Maps.

Step 3: Search for Your Business

Now that you are on Google Maps, you need to enter the name of your business in the search bar that appears on the top of the screen. If your business’ name does not appear in the suggested options, you can select “Add Your Business.”

Step 4: Fill the Details

When you choose the option “Add Your Business,” you will have to fill in the details of your business. Start by entering the name of your business. Moreover, you have to choose exactly how you wish for your business’ Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) to appear on the internet. Consistency is very important, so make sure you do not enter the wrong or contradictory details.

Here you will have to enter the category your business belongs to as Google will use the category to classify your business. You can choose the preset keywords or categories set by Google, and if your category is not available, you can use industry-specific keywords.

Step 5: Business Verification

The next step is the verification of your business. Google will take two weeks at the minimum to verify the details, specifically the address if your business. You must choose to receive your verification PIN via an automated phone call or text message.

By getting your business on Google Maps, you enhance the authenticity of your business and even add to the trust factor.


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