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Did you know it takes more than just an online presence to maintain the visibility of your business in the online domain? Believe it or not, having an online presence is just half the story. Several tools can help a business develop and claim its online citations. These tools are known as citation builders. While most of them may be free, there are still a good number of paid citation-building tools. This is a  comparison of services and pricing of two significant citation tools in the market today; Citation Builder Pro and Bright Local.

What exactly do citation builders do? They are the muscle behind your online presence doing all the heavy lifting in your campaign for better SEO and increased citations. A deeper look at what these two tools offer and the pricing will help you make a choice on which of them will give you value for your money. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Most of the services offered by citation builder pro and bright local are similar. They include:

1- Providing listing services to top directories like Google, yellow pages, and Yahoo! Local.

2- Locating inconsistent NAP in your directory listings.

3- White label reporting.

4- Managing and showcasing reviews.

5- Tracking and building citations.

6- Producing analyzed progress reports.

7- Competitor analysis

There are however a few exceptions to these services for instance, the integration of google analytics as well as social media like Facebook and Twitter remain a bright local affair. This gives it an extra edge over citation builder pro. In the same energy, rich media citation services are unique to citation builder pro.



Citation Builder Pro the tool offers three different packages all accessible through a one-time payment plan. These packages are comparatively cheap in the long run and therefore suited for small businesses. The three citation builder pro packages are pro, special and Elite. Here an increase in the number and quality of services rendered translates to a higher payment plan.

Bright Local packages are dependant on several locations as opposed to the services offered like in the case of citation builder pro. These packages are the single business package, multi-business package, SEO pro, and Just reviews. It is noticeable that in both the basic package only has a handful of services and costs fairly less. Additionally, there are great discounts for bulk purchases. 

Citation builder pro pricing


The pro package is the basic package for citation builder pro. It has a one-time payment of $35 for five days which is manageable even by start-ups. This gets you listed in top directories and supports 50 citations. Other aspects of this package include a citation audit and a spin description that you provide getting published.

The special package comes in second at $65 and has a seven-day run time. In this package, a client is guaranteed 100 citations and quality listing in top directories. In addition, there are citation reports available for perusal. 


Last for citation pro is the Elite package. This 200 citation building package comes at a one-time cost of $135 with no recurrent costs. The client gets to publish his or her desired spin description with of course adherence to the word count limit. In addition to getting listed in top directories, this package offers niche directory listing as well as a link to web 2.0 sites. Just like the previous packages of citation builder pro, there is a citation audit available for you.

Bright local pricing


As said earlier, this online high-end citation building tool is a person or business that intends to continuously invest in citation building. This makes it slightly more costly compared to citation builder pro. As opposed to citation builder pro that charges one-time payment, bright local services are offered only on monthly subscriptions. Also, the packages are priced according to the number of business locations a single business has.

The basic package here is the ‘Just reviews’ accessible for just $8 a month. It is the cheapest package overall. The charges apply to a single location of a business as opposed to the previous packages. In addition, this package has white-label reports and emails. Just as the name suggests it helps you access and showcase your reviews for better ranking and credibility. How cool is that!

The Single business package comes second and costs $29. This package entitles you to three search ranking reports, three citation tracker reports over one month. There are of course additional features such as integration of google analytics as well as social media integration.


The third is the multi-business package available for just $49 of the monthly subscription. The package covers medium businesses for up to six locations. Also under this package, there are 1000 search grid credits, six local search ranking reports, six citation tracker reports, and six local SEO audit reports.  This package has 30 google my business audit report as well as other special features just for you. These are integration to social media, google analytics, google my business insights, and guaranteed API access.

SEO Pro is the last package here. This is the value pack from bright local for just $79. There is 2000 worth of search grid credits, 100 local search ranking reports, one hundred google my business audit reports, 50 citation tracker reports, and a further 20 local SEO audit report over the same period. I mean how cool is that? 


Here both tools seem to go hand in hand as they both offer lucrative incentives to clients. Citations Builder Pro boasts of a solid money-back policy if the client is not satisfied with the level of service offered. Bright local on the other hand offers a two-week free trial period. This is in addition to a two-month discount for annual plan purchase 




The one-time Citation Builder Pro is great, especially for a business that is just starting. This makes it the most affordable citations building tool. Bright local on the other hand is the best high-end citation-building tool. Its monthly subscription not only helps a business achieve visibility but maintains that through constant subscription. 


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