Check your business position on different geo coordinates.

All in one local Map rank tracker tool

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Note : Presently, the Local Search API supports business entities only in the US & not work for other countries.

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How this tool help me?

Ans - This tool allows you to simulate map search results from different GEO Cordinates.

How use this tool?

Ans: Step 1 - Select the business or any location as center point to initiate the search.
Step 2 - Enter the search term.
Step 3 - Select the map points, You can do it in two ways A) You can select map location by clicking on it B)You can select locations automatically by selecting Automatic Map Points, Then select the distance between each map point and the selecting the grid.
Step 4 -Click on Search button.
Step 5 - Now the red pins become green with some number, if you click on any of such pin a popup with result will gets open.

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How you generate these results?

Ans - We use map API to generate these results

Why result not contains business with hidden address?

Ans - The API currently not supporting results with Service Area Business

How can we check results with SAB(Service Area Business)?

Ans - In result table there is a link column and if you click on this link a page with same coordinates will get open and it may contains the results with SAB

Can we export the results?

Ans- Yes, Using export button you can export it.

Why some times results are blank?

Ans- Some time API return error or may return blank results in such case, try one more time by refreshing the page.

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