10 Straightforward Tricks for Perfect Google Places Business Listing for you


10 Straightforward Tricks for Perfect Google Places Business Listing for you

Most people buy many higher-priced services to rank better to approach more and more people but through tricky SEO (Global SERP). But with Local SEO, you can reach out to the customers more practically than more in Quantity. But is it easy to rank for Local Searches? Then the answer is, It can be easier with Good marketing tools and advanced strategies.

Currently, in the Industry, Google Places is the most popular, efficient tool and is free of cost. And it is unrestricted to local business owners. 

In the Beginning, this tool was created to increase the visibility of your Business on the Internet to attract more and more customers to your Local Business with the name ‘Google Local Business Centre.’

Google Maps are used by millions of people in their daily life. We also know it by Google Local. Not only that but there are hundreds of businesses in the race to reach the highest position in the Local SERP 

Yes, marketing and advertising can become costly matters. However, the important thing is that this Google place is completely free, and thus its user doesn’t have to pay even a pretty penny to anyone.

You will see how to yield most while sowing least with Google my Places in the upcoming part.

Trick 1 Be a Real, use real name.

Be a Real use real name

Using your Business name is a good option, But even Google says you must make sure to list your Business under your true Identity, under your valid name. Some Businesses go beyond the line and different stuff words related to their targeted keyword in the Business name, Sure using the keyword with a name may look like a good idea and benefit one for a limited time. 

Although Google is fastening down this kind of behavior, there is the possibility that these businesses may suffer in the future. 

That being said, It is not like you shouldn’t use any keywords in the Business name, and you can always use your own or two keywords with Industrial Identity and make it sound natural. For example, you can see the following Business name.

Real name Business Name – Anmol Ltd

Google Places Listing name – Anmol Legal Advisers Ltd 

Trick 2 – Use 100% accurate information

Use 100% accurate information

As we know, google always believes inaccurate and identical information about your Business. And you should provide and use 100% accurate information, and you must provide the details your customers want to know about your businesses.

 Thus one should use a complete business address, telephone number, fax number, website, and email Id. But remember, the telephone number is not meant to be 0800 or a freephone number, it should be your listed phone number and use your actual address, which helps your business highlight locality.

Trick 3 – Select proper and lot Categories

Select proper and lot Categories

Google places provide five different categories to list your Business, unlike Google My Business (Now Known As Google Business Profile) which offers ten classes to be more exact. Which makes it another vital point to be careful with Google Places. If people are looking for your category, but you have selected a different variety, you will not wish for such a result. 

As people say humans are an ideal example of error, make sure to select 1-2 categories suggested by google even if you think they are not related to your Business.

Another difference between GMB and Google Places is that you must fill out all categories in Google Place, which benefits your Business.

Trick 4 Catchy & tickling Business Description

Catchy & tickling Business Description

Google Places restricts the business description to only 200 characters, limiting many possible opportunities. However, a perfect illustration of some keywords and service terms can yield the expected result. 

Using phrases similar to “Professional,” “trusted,” “Official,” “accredited,” “canonical” will help to emphasize your business expertise and probity. There is also the possibility to tickle your customers’ minds with a reasonable offer or deal at the end.

Trick 5 Show about your Business through photos and Videos.

Show about your Business through photos and Videos.

An image speaks thousands of words, what a true idiom; many experts use pictures and videos consisting of details related to the personality and Business often to encourage and engage customers. 

It allows businesses to add ten pics and a video related to it. You should make sure to use all of them, and a video should consist of details of your Business and what consumers will expect from you.

Local Businesses depend upon the people who handle it, thus showing staff, the store’s interior, your logo, and your expertise just add the crisp needed for an exotic flavor. Show why your business has the edge over others and impact with factual statements.

Trick 6 Additional information, benefits more.

Additional information, benefits more.

The more you sow, the more you reap. Add as much information as you can. Extra information just clarifies all doubt that one could have. 

Must include working hours, areas that you cover, price range and payment method, facilities, everything that customers can think of your Business. Both algorithms of google and the mindset of your consumer take a liking to more precious and additional information.

Trick 7 Fill up the Service section with full creativity.

Fill up the Service section with full creativity

Services may seem a lot simple to fill out, but it is not! You can take your time while completing this section. You have the freedom to add an unlimited number of services as many as you can, although a target for 6-10 services is at least recommended for businesses. 

In the service area, you can be creative and butter up many relative services keywords. But make sure not to add the location names, and that is a bad idea, which does not cross under your services banner.

Trick 8 Why to create a unique Special Offer’ Coupon.’

Why to create a unique Special Offer Coupon

Why create a unique Special Offer Coupon
Tickling the consumer’s thoughts with an outstanding offer has always been a standard practice to be reckoned with. And it is effective on both Google as well as customers. 

Reap a benefit out of this and create a unique coupon code with a discount offered to only users of Google Places. Notch up your play and stand out more than other businesses. As one said, bringing new customers is no big deal but converting your impressions into customers is a great break.

Trick 9 What is Citations and how to generate them 

What is Citations and how to generate them

Generating Citations benefits one’s Business a lot! First, what are Citations? to simply say citations means “mentions” of your Business on others sites. 

Google Uses them to build up your trustworthiness on the Internet. How trustworthy are you? Do not fear, and it is precisely what we should use for your Business as an advantage, by acquiring as many citations as you can only benefit in your favor.

1- Getting listed on directories –such as elp.com, Qype, Insider Pages, TripAdvisor.

2- You can ask your neighboring suppliers and service providers to out your business mention and address on their site linking back to your site; You can also offer the same for their businesses.

Trick 10 Get Customer Reviews and Opinions

Get Customer Reviews and Opinions

Getting reviews of genuine customers is crucial for online businesses and the real world. Google takes online reviews from many online manuals such as elp.com, Qype, Insider Pages, TripAdvisor.

 It also contributes an extra star to your Business’s trustworthiness, but acquiring reviews can become a little tricky. You can always ask the customer to leave reviews on online directories, and by doing that, you can reach your customer and Google more virtually.

 Nonetheless, having a bad review also negatively affects you, but you can bury them beneath good reviews and replies. Or you can also positively reply and request them to change the thinking along with time. Thanking customers publically can also encourage them to respond in the future.

We all know how Google advertising and marketing is essential to achieve success in any business and as currently, Google Places make it even more impactful with google maps. Millions of users utilize Google Maps daily, which also creates a massive opportunity for your Business’s growth in the industry. Today as per hour knowledge, only 10% of companies have proclaimed Google places listing does it will be a golden opportunity, similar to hitting the iron while it is hot. Then best of luck with your Gooogle Places Listing; otherwise, you can always approach us for assistance with it.

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